French Style Interior Rail

French Style Interior Rail
East Hampton (Suffolk County)
New York

This railing was fabricated from steel that was heated in the fire then formed around jigs of various sizes to create each scroll.  The customer wanted their initials in each of the 8 rail panal so custom ovals and letters were made to fit into each section of railing.  The initials were gold leafed to match the bronze details and were the last thing to be installed.  The rail was painted black then the paint was sanded off in certain areas to let the silver color of the steel show through and give the rail a more aged look.  Once the coloring was achieved the rails were clear coated and the initials were installed.  Each stair and landing was a different size so a template was made for each panel.  The scroll pattern stayed uniform but the sizes of the scrolls had to be adjusted in size to keep the pattern uniform through out.

There is also a balcony rail that was made to match except it was painted a green color.

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